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Supporting Mental Wellbeing

At Willingdon Primary School, it is our aim to help develop confident, positive and compassionate children who are well equipped to live and explore the local, national and global community in which we live. To do this, children need to have opportunities to develop in all areas of their personal and social, cultural and emotional lives. They need to learn about the environment they live in and why we need to protect it, become creative thinkers who are resilient enough to overcome challenges, see reward in effort and feel value in making mistakes in order to develop and grow as lifelong learners.

Our key purpose is to support children to grow as individuals and have positive self-esteem and self-image by ensuring children’s all round wellbeing. We do this by:

  • Teaching children that they can have a growth mind-set approach to learning which means knowing how and when you can learn from your mistakes, that you can always learn something new no matter how old you are!
  • Teaching children mindful ways to help them increase focus in learning, manage their emotions appropriately and learn about their brains in order for optimum learning.
  • Teaching children that gratitude is the best attitude and with a kind, caring and optimistic approach to life we can all achieve and be the best we can be.



Our Staff - taking care and relaxing!

Please take a look at the video below to see how some of our staff relax and take care of their mental and emotional wellbeing:

Willingdon Primary school Wellb.mp4
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