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Handwriting with letterjoin

We love writing at Willingdon and give the children plenty of opportunities to write. We follow a progression of skills as they move through the school, and ensure the children have experiences of writing many different genres.

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At Willingdon we value the development of neat and accurate handwriting. We use letterjoin to support our teaching of handwriting.


Handwriting begins with mark making.

We teach letter formation and correct pencil grip in exclusive handwriting sessions. By the end of year 2 children are expected to be writing in joined, cursive handwriting. As they progress through KS2 they develop their own handwriting style.

Correct Pencil Grip:

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Reading to writing

At Willingdon we value the use of high quality texts. We have specific texts that relate to our topics and subject areas. The children learn and use these texts in their own writing. Using ideas and features of writing from different genres.

We use the reading into writing approach to support our teaching of writing.

Writing for real purpose

At Willingdon we believe writing comes to life when given a purpose. We give the children opportunities to put their writing skills into practise through real contexts. For example the children in KS1 wrote letters to the local care home at Christmas time.

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